Thursday, August 03, 2006

Obstacles and keys to success

We are, most of the time, concerned with the secrets of success or keys to success while talking about success in our lives. I think there is another aspect that needs to be considered very important while we look forward to the success; that is obstacles to success.
In this article i'll let you know what these obstacles are and how we can take a proactive approach to avoid these obstacles to achieve our goal - the success.

Three obstacles are, basically, considered worth dealing with. Let me explain those obstacles first then i'll tell you the good news!

1. Fear of the unseen
We, most of the time, think, rather plan to do something, but most of the time we fail to achieve our goal - even smallest ones. Have you ever noticed why you didn’t achieve your goals? This is the fear; fear of unseen. You make a plan, rather build, ruin and then rebuild your plan, but then give up just because you start thinking what if i fail? What my friends will say if i fail? What would happen to my investment - time or money? Such fears stop you to take any action.
2. Anger
The second enemy of the success is anger. Anger is just kind of jam (Not preserve of crushed fruit rather immobilization!) for your mental and physical machinery. When you are angry you can't do whatever you really want to do; the more angry you are the more you'll feel "out of control" of yourself. Now, how this affect your success! You start working to achieve your goal, but due to certain things you got annoyed, just because they are not going in your favor. As a result you become angry not only to make yourself upset mentally, but also, you give up the plan you were working on for no good.
3. Postponement of decisions
You have plans and you make decisions, no doubt, but you are, most of the time, unable to act, upon those decisions just because you put things on tomorrow, and day after tomorrow. You postpone your decisions for some other time which never comes.

You must have realized that these are the things which are very common in human beings. We just consider them small, usual things, but they are very important to take under consideration if you really want to achieve success. Even sometimes we don't realize these things but they are on there way under the hood to pull us backwards.

As you have gotten sometime to realize consciously that these obstacles exist in the way to success, this is the time i would like to tell you how can these obstacles be avoided.

1. Fear doesn't actually exist.
Make sure that the fear of unseen you are having right now, doesn't actually exist. It is most of the time being created by your unconscious mind. In some later article i'll explain how unconscious mind affects your capabilities. These are the voices from the unconscious mind. You might have seen the criticism and things like that had never stopped the successful people to move towards there success, rather they tried to use this criticism to adjust their course of action. They always tried to put their best potentials in what ever goals they have made with out worrying that they are going to be a loser. Your mind is a force that ensures the things you think about. If you just think about the success you'll definitely achieve it and divine powers will be with you. This is the true sense of the positive thinking.

2. You control your future.
You are the one who have control over future, neither stars nor other celestial bodies. Everything starts with a dream or an idea. Success always starts in your mind. After you have a plan make sure that you have a lot more control over your future as compared to any other creature. No matter what kind of situation arises in future, you have the ability to adjust things accordingly, but those unsupportive circumstances are not meant to stop you from success.

3. You are responsible for your failure.
No one can make you change the course of your plan, not even anger. If there is failure while executing your plan it doesn't mean your should quit, rather it is a feedback for you to adjust your plan slightly differently. If you don't make appropriate adjustments you are actually responsible of your failure, but remember always have control over yourself which can keep you on track. However, if you think some one or something else is responsible for the failure then you, probably, won't have control over that and, eventually, you'll loose control over yourself. This is the time you need to be proactive - just to think the alternatives. I'll explain, in some later article, how to achieve the proactive approach and how to stick to that.

4. Be responsible for your success
You are, just like failure, responsible for your success. If you succeed "you succeed", if you fail "you fail". An important point to keep you on track is to tell yourself very often what a good job you are doing. Feel the joy, happiness and comfort you get by each step towards your success, each step everyday. The true happiness will not just come when you actually get the goal, rather it'll come to you with each step you move towards the success. Whenever you think to postpone any of your good decision just remind yourself that today is that "tomorrow" for which you had postponed the task yesterday. You'll get rid of this habit very soon.

The people who are successful in there lives are the ones who have overcome these obstacles by following the basic principles of success. The first and the foremost point to achieve your goals and to enjoy every moment of your life is to live in present, the current moment, the NOW!

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