Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Role of positive self-awareness in achieving success

Self-awareness means knowing one's own character and feelings. If i say "positive self-awareness" it means that you know or can grow the attributes of character, which are positive in you and you think and feel positively. In this article i'll discuss positive self-awareness, the people who have positive self-awareness, how positive self-awareness or lack of this characteristic affects success, and how one can produce positive self-awareness in herself.

The people having positive self-awareness are always honest and sincere, not only, with themselves, but also, with other people. They are sensitive and broadminded. They always try to know something new and understand how their capabilities are being used in the world, and how can they best utilize their capabilities for the betterment of this world. They are always honest with everyone, not only, in terms of money and trade, but also, in terms of relationships. They have sense and feelings of success, and they know all of their abilities which can lead them to success.

The people who have positive self-awareness always try to analyze their feelings and they keep an eye on their deeds and evaluate everything they do. They know who they are and what they can do. The keep good relations with other people - their friends, family, colleagues, and spouse, and they know how these relationships can be improved. They always try to see themselves and things from the other person's point of view and perspective.

In the contrary, the people who have lack of positive self-awareness are dishonest, insensitive, and narrow minded. They don't know who they are, what they are doing, how their capabilities are being used. They don't care about anybody even they don't care about themselves. They see new thoughts and ideas with suspicion and hesitate to adopt them. They adopt the habits of hate, jealousy, anger, and impatience.

Now, let us see, how positive self-awareness can affect your success. As i have already discussed that this attribute of human character let her know what her capabilities are and how they are being utilized and how can they be better utilized. It lets the person always feel positive about herself, about the other people, and about the situation. So, she doesn’t hesitate to take a step ahead towards her goal.

Positive self-awareness let you think optimistically so you can see the positive aspect too, as you normally see the negative side of every person and every thing. It lets you understand your own capabilities so you bring your best efforts to achieve the goal. It allows to understand the other people and situation around you, so you can adjust the things accordingly, which is a rule of achieving success. An other by product of this attribute is sincerity and honesty with everyone, which in return gives some sincerity and honesty back to you and creates a win-win situation, which, really, is good to achieve your goals and helping others to achieve their.

So, how can this attribute be produced in yourself? It seems too tough...right?...wrong! Its very simple and just doing a few small things you can achieve positive self-awareness.

- Take care of your health. Don't be over conscious but try to avoid the things useless or harmful for your health
- Try to know something new every day. Read books, magazines, articles, explore good websites. Try to listen the seniors and parents and understand what they say.
- Change your daily course of action time to time; like use different routes to go to school, college, office etc. Change settings of your room and books etc.
- Make a list of your good and bad habits. Try to improve good habits and change your bad habits. Always keep your good habits in your mind, and let you open for new good habits and new things.
- Always try to see yourself from other person's point of view like your friend, parents, colleagues, or spouse etc.
- Get sometime for yourself and be alone and think who you are, what you are doing, what your goals are, and how can you achieve them.
- Be honest, truthful, sincere, and patience with everyone and with yourself too!
- Above all try to find people around you who have positive self-awareness and try to learn from them.

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