Friday, June 21, 2013

Creating a success plan for your future

A success plan is a helpful tool for thinking through the key steps you need to take to achieve your
goals. To create your success plan start from the top, that is, your ultimate goal. Write your ultimate goal at the top of the plan. Think about how you will achieve goal.

For example, imagine your vision is to become managing director for a major information technology company. To achieve this goal, you need to become a manager for a couple of years, then senior manager and then more senior roles. You also need to perform more professional and advanced jobs to show your expertise.

These smaller goals become the second-level goals on your success plan. Next, ask yourself how to achieve
these objectives, and fill in the next level of your plan. At all stages, use arrows to connect later objectives that are dependent on you having first achieved earlier objectives.

To check that your success plan is complete and follows a logical progression, work up from the bottom. For each objective, ask “Why am I doing this?”—the answer should be to obtain your main ultimate goal.

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