Sunday, May 07, 2017

Considering your self assessed goal of success in life

Success is different to different people. It's important to first set a goal for yourself. What you consider to be a successful life or a career. We related most of our success with our career, business, job, or whatever we do we earn our living. But it's important to understand that success encompasses many other factors as well including family, social, health, spiritual and other goals.

So you have to decide what mix of goals makes you feel successful in life.

We spend a whole lot of our life doing a job or earning our living. It's very important to do what you love to do. When you do what you love, you can do it with passion and happiness. And this can bring a lot of joy along with sure shot success. If you're doing a job, make sure you're working in a field that you like or better love. if you do not like, or worse, hate your job. It will make you stressful and then make you unsuccessful. If your job does not give you satisfaction then either make it work so that it gives you joy and you can create success out of it, or try doing something different. Try changing your profession, learn some new field or trade.

Indeed, research by the Gallup Institute believes that happy workers have a tendency to earn more in later life, have a better social lives, and be more supportive to their colleagues. Not only that but some psychologists including, but not limited to, Patricia Chen, Phoebe C. Ellsworth, and Norbert Schwarz believe that there are actually two different models for meaningful career. In first, we fit well and do what we love to do. This sounds good, but is difficult to achieve when the job market is not favorable or you are not quite sure what your vocation can be. The other way around is start liking what you do.

It's like if you can't change your circumstances, change your way of thinking about it. This will make you positive and bring success and now the scientists are her to confirm that!

Even if you do not like your job much, you can still bring meaning to it. After all, your job brings you all the bread and butter for you and your family. This helps to educate your kids, to provide health needs, bring food on the table and many other things can be affoarded with your job. So this is a good way to think about it and can bring quite a meaning to your dull and boring job and you'll ultimately start liking it.

Another important quality for success is the ability to learn. If you like learning new things and improve your skills and knowledge, it can help you grow professionally and then become successful. With the changing job market, new technology coming up every day, and changing needs of the work environment, your ability to learn new things, tools, and skills can make you unstoppable and bring you success. The ability to learn new things is not genetic and not related to a particular stage of life. It can be cultivated by anyone and at any stage in life.

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